Finally at

Finally, friends..we have moved. We tried to export all our luggage and furnitures ( laughing) but it was an herculean task .So we thought of providing a link from this wordpress account to our The decision, I love it because am about to still read all the lovely blog posts on wordpress as I will no longer be deleting this blog! The idea came over the night and I was excited.

Yes, to everyone am following, I will still be looking over your shoulders reading and mingling! ( really excited).

We have created a link here and also all around this blog so you can move around at will..

Plenty love. Thanks for being there.


A Big Thank You


I want to say a huge thank you. Madamsabi’s blog just hit 100 followers with over 200 likes and coincidentally, was two months old in blogging on the 3rd.

I want to thank everyone for inspiring and encouraging me. It all started out as my birth month gift to the world and since then, I have been glad I took the step.

I want to say a big thank you to Wale, you encouraged me to start this blog and simply told me…Sage! Start it! If not for you, maybe, I would not have written. Also my editor in chief at Business Aim, Blaise where I occasionally ghost write thanks for pushing me to start this by bullying me.

A big thanks to a great mentor, Mr Martins (I know we all have feet of clay) who brought out some hidden talents in me and polished it. Thank you for investing and also for allowing me to use your write-ups and thanks for the tease when I told you I was going to start blogging. I still have time for my contact lens and high heels but less time for lots of trivia.

A big thanks to my friends on Whatsapp. Auntie Pat,Toluwa, Fade, Francis, & Tosin you know now! ( winking) we will always be ever young in the place that really matters..our hearts. My over 300 friends on Whatsapp has always been being my sounding board. Bimpsy thanks. Adeyemi, you have been amazing ,always sharing on Facebook. God bless you!

Uncle Wole, Thanks for your encouragement. I know I will get to see you one day!

I also want to acknowledge some other great people like 61 chrissterry. I beginning to see you as a father figure..Don’t blush . All I can say is thanks.


Simple living things..Maggie..Thank you and I love you cos you are wonderful person and I also thank my first followers. You are getting a thank You on your blogs. Mumumugu thanks too.

Am not forgetting my nairaland community, Facebook , twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ networks..You guys are just the bomb..popping the champagne!

There is a saying ” He who comes to give thanks, will not return empty-handed. ”

Last but not the least, I thank God who has given me the opportunity to share with others. Am not a genius( I think so) but he has been keeping my creativity process fluid and helping me find time to write. Making it a commitment and keeping me focused.

I continually pray to affect my world and if this blog can put just one smile on a face each day am good.

Thank you all…I really appreciate you all once again…

I know soon, I will come again to say thank you for 1000 followers