Time To Move Domain To Madamsabiblog.com!

Yeah! Hello, friends, it is with mixed feelings I write this. WordPress for me, has being home for close to 21 months. I have made friends, engaged with different people from different worlds. An opportunity I would probably not have gotten elsewhere on virtual ground.

Being able to follow and be followed by beautiful peoples, many with their varying issues ( divorce, illness, depression etc) but in all,  I appreciate everyone for making me see different sides of the multi facets called Life.

I have experienced so much by reading other blogs ( over 600). One thing stands out ,writing is balm for the soul and for me ,reading is travelling across continents, time and various worlds.

In the course of starting the blog, my main aim was to remind myself of what is most important in life. To ponder on my values, to look at different sizes of the dice. To appreciate the gifts God has given to me. Am a very old soul in a very young body and I like it that way. In the course of the personal therapy of daily reminders, I thank God, I have been able to impart some lives.

Time now has come to move to my domain because I have been getting a lot of references from search engines and I feel that if the articles I publish can impart one life a day, am blessed and if  I can have a higher ranking by having my own domain and reaching out to more people then am even more blessed.

I would like that by the time I get called home which I pray will be in very many earth years away , I want to be happy that I came and inspired someone else on the journey called life.