Woman Wakes From 8-Month Coma To Name ‘Hero’ Boyfriend Who Stayed By Her Bedside As Her ATTACKER

A young woman awoke from a coma to accuse her boyfriend of brutally beating her up – after he was deemed a ‘hero’ for spending £21,000 on her hospital treatment.


Lin Yingying, 22, was doted on by her 25-year-old boyfriend, Liu Fenghe, after she fell into an eight-month coma following a serious head injury in 2014.

Liu was hailed as a model partner by Chinese media when he forked out 200,000 yuan (£21,700) on his girlfriend’s treatment and promised to take care of her.

However, he is now being slammed as a villain after Lin regained consciousness and shockingly claimed that it was him who had put her in the vegetative state. She also said she had been beaten by Liu on several occasions.

Liu was thrust into the spotlight in China in September 2014 when he borrowed tens of thousands of pounds in a bid to help cure his comatose girlfriend.

At the time, he told reporters that he would stay at Lin’s bedside forever. He was dubbed the model of true love and his and his girlfriend’s heart-warming story was one which touched many members of the public in the city of Dalian, where they lived.

However, Lin’s father recently revealed the sinister twist in the fairy-tale when he told police that his daughter blames Liu for the injury which threw her into the coma.

Lin reportedly regained consciousness in May last year, three months after she was taken home from a local hospital by her parents.

However, she kept her silence over the reason for her head injury, apparently too fearful of Liu to unmask him as her attacker.

But this past month, Lin shocked everyone by claiming to have been beaten into the vegetative state with a rolling pin by her ‘loving’ boyfriend.

The beating had occurred, she said, because she had burned a batch of bread at their small bakery business.

She also claimed that she had been constantly abused by Liu during their time together, and that he had forced her to hide the truth by threatening her life.

His decision to stay at her bedside was one of guilt – not of compassion and love, she said.

Lin’s father has now reported the allegations to police.

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