Ahmed Rahman Yasin: From ISIS Jihadist To Hotshot Model

If we look around us carefully, we will see the ‘Cinderella’ story replay itself ,time and time again.

Well, it played out in the oddest of places.

A former Syrian jihadist has completely turned his life around after being contacted by a top United Arab Emirates modeling agency and quitting jihad for a more quiet life, reports the Dubai Herald this morning.


Ahmed Rahman Yasin, 23, is living a true Cinderella story as the modeling offer has drastically changed his life for the best. “I never believed for a minute that I could serve Allah in such a positive way,” he explains.

“I was taught that jihad is about murdering the enemies of Islam, now I know there are many ways to serve Allah” he told reporters, visibly happy with the turn of events. “I still feel that I am living the jihad way and fulfilling my oath towards Allah, but in a more spiritual and creative way,” he admits.

According to Scoop, the struggling artist joined the Free Syrian Army two years ago to make ends meet. “Most of my family perished in crossfire attacks between jihadist groups and the Syrian army forces. I could barely survive on my own since the family home and my village were destroyed two years ago. I was famished and left with no family to support me and so my new family became the jihad,” he told reporters.

The young man’s picture went viral on Arabic social media as many women shared his photo under the label of a “hot” and “sexy” jihadist.

 “After my picture went viral, a modeling agent tracked me down and arranged a meeting” he recalls, visibly emotional.

 “I will be eternally thankful to my agent, Yassim Atef, for the new life filled with opportunity he has given me” he admits, a tear in his eyes.


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