Poem: Message In A Bottle by Rima Darkstar

To you (because you found it):
I am lost on a desert island.
Long captivated has its beauty held me,
But it does not make up for being lonely.
I’m begging you, please rescue me;
Else I may lose my sanity.
Creeping insanity, I fear it may come
Before my rescue… Wait, I hear a steel drum!


Could it be that my salvation’s at hand
By the lonely wand’ring of a cruise liner’s band?
Could it be that I WILL see my friends again?
I would be joyous to leave this land
Behind me. Oh, sweet joy, a ship in sight!
It is on the horizon, and by the sun’s light
It may find me yet! Oh, it is the broad light of day!
Bright light, high sun, and, how do you say,
Ah, yes, freedom! But wait. How will they
Be able to find me? The chances are nay…

Yet their ship, yes, their ship, is approaching at speed!
Oh, sweet salvation, how long have I seeked!
And if this day should see them to me,
My self would return to reality.

I can see the passengers now;
Some men, some women. They’re standing at the bow
Of the ship. They’re searching for something.
Could I possibly be that something?
Yes! I am waving, and they are waving back!
It’s true! It is true. I must get ready to pack
All of the things that are here with me;
My only connection to humanity.

But while I’d love to leave this desert isle,
It’s been my home for quite a while.
About a week, if I remember right.
(On the sand I would lay, and I spent the nights
Staring up at the sky, filled with diamond-like stars–
But what am I thinking? I’m going home, away from here, far.)

They’re coming closer now; I guess I should ready
My belongings… O ma gosh, is that my baby???
Yes, it is he!! What sweet, sweet irony
That my rescuer should be my one and only!
The only man I will ever love;
He has searched for and found his wand’ring dove!
And now, now I see, he is calling my name!
He cries out “I love you” and I cry out the same.
And as the ship anchors in the shallow sea,
I run to him; he runs to me
After securing the anchor. I exult in
His warm embrace. I’ll never leave him again!
He picks up my bags while holding my hand…

And sadly I realize this message must end.
So, happily now I’ll seal this message
In a bottle, and send it on its passage.
A miraculous rescue this, I think you’ll agree.
May this message give you hope on the open sea.
And so, as we are going home, I shall drop
This message in a bottle into the ocean, with hope
That my joyous words will comfort you
When you’re on the open sea, lonely and blue.

by Rima Darkstar


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