Poem: Our Love Story by Kyler

I met this beautiful girl a couple years ago
I wanted her I liked her but I didn’t know
If she felt the same way as me
I laid awake every night thinking of everything we could be

I kept thinking of her day after day
Thinking of what all I could say
What all I could do
If only she had knew

How I felt about her
Oh how I wished things between us would occur
I wish I had the courage to talk to her quick
But truthfully I was never too slick

I never had the courage to talk for more than a minute or two
But every time we talked my feelings for her grew
I loved her more than anyone I ever met
But that love kept me up at night upset

With feelings of sadness and regret
That did not tell her yet
That I loved her more than myself
More than money and wealth through sickness and health

My life went by month after month, day after day
Then came the day that I moved away
There was nothing I could do, nothing I could say
As I left my skies quickly started turning gray

Then one day I got a call from you
You said you loved me so much
I couldn’t believe it was true
You said you missed my touch

You missed my sense of humor
And you wished you had told me sooner
You told me you stay up crying day after day
Ever since I went away

You said we could love each other long distance
That I was the fabric of your very existence
Time went by month after month, year after year
Every word you spoke honest and sincere

Our love never faded, only grew stronger
Even as time passed longer and longer
Till the day we finally met again
We talk how were back then and we had been

Not long after that we had wed
Got married looking forward to the life ahead
Both of us together, forever
On this endeavor

Time went by year after year
So happy neither of us shed a tear
We went on till we hit the age of seventy one
After that our time was done


Both of us died in our sleep
Holding on to each other destined to keep
Our love now and in the afterlife
Never did we get upset over any strife

So this the is the story of me and my love
This is our story that I wrote from above

Kyler 2012


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