Major Taylor : Cycling Against The Odds

Marshal Walter “Major” was born in November 1878.  Major Taylor started racing in cycling when he was just 18 years old. By the year of 1900, he had acquired many rewards for holding world records and for various competitions that he participated in throughout the world.


During the period in which he pursued his passion in cycling, he faced a lot of opposition and racism, but, he pressed on. In one event that took place in Boston, Massachusetts, Major Taylor was pushed off of his bike by a fellow racer, W.E Becker.


Once off his bike on and on the ground, Becker choked Major until law enforcement officials stepped in. By that time, Major Taylor had fallen unconscious and was out for approximately fifteen minutes.

By the time that Major Taylor reached the age of 32, he experienced a high level of exhaustion due to the grueling schedule he held and the threat of racism around every single corner he rode. As a result, he decided to retire.

Despite the heavy opposition that he faced throughout his career, he was well-respected by cycling enthusiasts and became one of the absolute wealthiest of all athletes of the time.

To date, he is well respected in the cycling community. While business endeavors that he pursued in his later years failed and resulted in many problems in his life, he was an amazing cyclist and is still revered today.


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