Joshua Williams : The Heart Behind The Hunger Relief Foundation

14 year old Joshua Williams is a caring and selfless young man who has been running a foundation that is designed to fight hunger since he was in kindergarten.


He has explained to many that he was only “four and three quarters years old” when he made the decision to start his own foundation to combat hunger. It all began when his grandmother gave him $20.00 to spend on whatever he wanted.

Joshua Williams and his mother were on their way to church and Joshua was daydreaming of the things he could buy with the $20 his grandmother had recently given him. While at a red light, Joshua looked out the window and spotted a homeless man begging for food and insisted on giving that man his money.  His mother convinced him to buy food and give it to the man instead and they did exactly that.  From that moment on, Joshua has plunged headfirst towards doing whatever he can to stamp out hunger.

In 2007 Joshua and his mother established Joshua’s Heart Foundation which to date, has distributed over 650,000 pounds of food to those in need. Additionally through their collaboration with Whole Foods Markets they teach the recipient families how to prepare healthier meals. 

At 14, Joshua Williams is considered to be a child prodigy in charity.

Joshua Williams, 11, at the 2012 White House Champions of Change Awards Ceremony.  Joshua was the youngest recipient of this Award.

By simply having a dream and seeing a need in the world, Joshua Williams has dedicated his life to fulfilling that need.


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