The Problematic New Pupil

A new pupil, who has been already kicked out of three schools, was brought to the school.


One teacher came to class, looked at the new pupil and thought: “Where only such people are from…”

The second teacher came, saw a new pupil, and said with anger: “There is no lack of you…”

The third teacher came to class. “Do we have a new one pupil?”. He rejoiced.

He went to a new pupil, shook his hand, looked into his eyes, smiled and said:” Good morning! I was waiting for you!”

Moral Lesson: What do you see? Do you see a challenge as an opportunity, as in the case of the third teacher, an opportunity to change a life or do you see a challenge as a problem like the first two teachers, the first one saw it as something /person he can just ignored till he leaves this school for another. While the second teacher saw it as a problem, additional workload.

So how do you see that issue?


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