Love Conquers All : The Couple That Survived

Ben Bostic was waiting for a plane, when he noticed a tall, brunette, curly-haired woman waiting for that same flight.


He thought she was incredibly beautiful. Ben was secretly wishing she’d sit next to him on the plane, but that wasn’t meant to be. The beautiful woman, 31-year-old Laura Zych, took a seat somewhere else. Had this been any other flight, they probably never would’ve even talked to each other, and
gone their separate ways.

But this time, things went different. Little over a minute into the flight, the plane flew into a flock of geese. Both engines stopped functioning. The plane started descending, and it was clear they weren’t going to make it to their destination.

Luckily, they had an incredible skilled pilot, Chesley Sullenberg, who managed to steer the falling plane onto the Hudson River, and land it onto the water. The passengers and crew climbed out onto the wings, and boats were sent to rescue them. Everyone survived.

Six months after the plane’s landing, the TV show 60 minutes organized a reunion of the people on board, followed by a party at a survivor’s house. Both Ben and Laura attended. A fellow passenger Laura knew introduced them to each other. This time, Ben was not shy of making his feelings known and told Laura he had noticed her on the plane. Laura invited Ben to stay at her house after the party. Even though he had to go to work at 8 am, they stayed up and talked all
night. They became a couple soon after.

Ben and Laura’s relationship is strengthened by the bond of having survived the near-crash of the plane. Neither of them takes the time they spend together for granted, and they are looking forward to their future together.



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