Brought Back By Destiny, After 60 Years Apart!

Valentine is nearly upon us again! This true story is to remind some of us that has been emotional abused in relationships that true love still exist. And it is not limited to anyone.


Picture: A young bride during her traditional wedding ceremony

3 days after Russian couple Boris and Anna Koslov got married in 1946, they had to say goodbye. Boris had to go back to his unit in the Red Army. Anna stayed and patiently waited for him to come back to her, like he had several times before.

Unfortunately, that was not meant to be. Anna’s father’s political beliefs put him into opposition with the government at the time. Some time ago, he had been sent into exile by the government. And now, the time had come for the rest of her family and her to go as well. Anna threatened to commit suicide rather than go, as she couldn’t bear the idea of living without Boris by her side. But she was forced to go, leaving behind no contact information.

When Boris came home, he found no trace of Anna, no matter how hard he tried to look for her. Nobody knew where she was.

Anna had been sent to live in a village far from the one she was from. Her mother convinced her that Boris hadn’t contacted her because he had married someone else. She told Anna to move on and marry another man she had already picked out for her. Anna was devastated, and tried to commit suicide, but eventually her mother got her to believe that it was indeed her destiny to forget about Boris and remarry. So she did.

Boris, not knowing where Anna was, was devastated, but eventually found the strength to move on with his life. He also married again. But he never forgot Anna. When he wrote his first book, he dedicated it to her.

60 years passed. Both of their new spouses died.

In 2007, Anna, now a widow, decided to go back to her original home village to visit the house she and Boris lived in after their wedding. She had never forgotten about that magical time with the love of her life.

Miraculously, Boris had also arrived at the town on the same day that she did, to visit his parents’ grave. Stepping out of his car, he spotted a familiar face across the road – Anna’s.

At first, he couldn’t believe it was possible for it to be her. He approached her and they recognized each other. All the feelings that were once there between them came back. They fell in love with each other all over again. The time had done nothing to destroy the bond they had. Anna and Boris got married again, becoming a happy couple that never fights and values each other above anything.

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