The Life of Rod Stewart

For those who don’t know, Rod Stewart is a popular United Kingdom and United States pop/rock musician.With his signature raspy voice, creative clothing selections, and his blonde hair, he has empowered the world with his lyrics and music since the 1960s.


Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Born on January 10th in the year of 1945, Rod Stewart has been a part of many bands in the United Kingdom. His first hit single in his solo career happened in 1971, “Maggie May”.

While he had a bit of a lull in his career during the 1980s and only a couple of hits during the 1990s, he returned strong in the 2000s. He even picked up a Grammy Award for “Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album” in the year of 2004.

Rod Stewart experienced many challenges in pursuing his dream to become a musician.

His life started by being born into a working-class family. While growing up, he worked on many odd jobs in order to make money for his financial responsibilities. Few people know it, but, he even worked as a grave digger. He spent a lot of time in many different bands before striking out on his own.


While he loved music and the bands that he was part of, he desired more. He had that “burning desire” in his chest to achieve higher levels of success. He had many ups and downs with his solo career. That is, until 2002, when he released, “It Had to be You: The Great American Songbook”. It was with this album, he was truly brought to life. It was an album of classic songs that he decided to make his own. He released many volumes of these albums and renewed his career.

By following Rod Stewart’s example and finding our own burning desire to succeed, we are sure to enjoy the luxurious and rewards associated with our successes and create our own inspirational stories.


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