A 15 Year Old Girl Disappeared After Going To Meet A Man She Met On Facebook

In this age of strange and wicked occurrences, we have to be very careful who we interact with on social media.

15 year old Kayleigh Haywood went to meet a man she met on Facebook last Friday, November 13, and since then she has not been seen.


The unfortunate thing is no one knows exactly who this man is and where he is, because she told her parents she was going to stay with her best friend, and told this best friend that she was going to stay with her aunt. Even though both her aunty and her best friend have not set eyes on her since she left home on Friday.

Presently, two men have been arrested after the 15-year-old, who was last seen on Friday, told her parents she was going for a ­sleepover at her best friend’s house.

But it is believed the popular youngster secretly met a man she had been in contact with on social media .

A source said: “Kayleigh had told her best friend about a man who had been messaging her on Facebook.

“They were both going to meet this man on Friday evening, but earlier in the week Kayleigh announced she was no longer going to meet him.

“Usually she would spend the weekend with her best friend and her family. But Kayleigh told the girl that she would be going to visit an auntie instead.”

It has emerged that her mobile phone was discovered by a dog walker in Sence Valley Forest Park in Ibstock, Leics, on Saturday afternoon.

The park was sealed off as police searched for clues.

The phone was used to send a text message to her distraught mum Stephanie, 36, earlier that day. Her family, of Measham, Leics, said they “fear the worst” as she would never have willingly parted with her mobile.


A body has been found in the hunt for missing teenager, 15 year old, Kayleigh Haywood.

Officers searching for the 15-year-old discovered a body was found in a field in Ibstock, Leicestershire Police said. The grim discovery came as police launched a murder investigation.

Kayleigh was last seen by her family as they dropped her off outside a school not far from her home.

Her mobile phone and items of her clothing were found by police in different areas.

The 15-year-old was dropped outside Ibstock Community College in Leicestershire on Friday evening.

She called her family on the phone the following morning, but no trace of her has been seen since.

On Tuesday, the Mirror reported that two men have been arrested after the 15-year-old, who was last seen on Friday, told her parents she was going for a ­sleepover at her best friend’s house.

Detective Chief Superintendent David Sandall, Head of Crime, said: “We have become increasingly concerned for Kayleigh’s safety as the hours have passed since she was dropped off by her dad on Friday evening.

“Five days on, we’ve heard nothing from her, and this is completely out of character. “Since we started looking for her we have found her mobile phone in Melbourne Road, Ibstock and items of clothing which we believe are hers in the Ibstock and Diseworth areas. 

“In all the circumstances, we fear the worst and have told her family to prepare themselves that we are now treating her disappearance as a murder enquiry. 

Culled from Mirror


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