Mr.Marvan Atapattu: A Man Who Did Not Give Up

We often choose a new path if we happened to meet failure. But here is a man of persistence, who knocked failure out.


Mr.Marvan Atapattu, a Sri Lankan cricketer. He made his test debut for Sri Lanka and scored a duck in his first innings and went on to score a duck again in his second innings too. He was dropped out of the team. He practiced hard and waited for twenty one months for his second chance.

In his second test, he again scored a duck in the first innings and one run in the second innings. Dropped Again. he went back to practice and got another chance after seventeen months. He scored ducks again in both the innings of his third test.

If he lacked persistence, He might have quit and got settled with another job but he chased his dreams.

He again hit the practicing filed and got a chance three years later. This time he scored well and cemented his place in  the team. He then became the captain of the side and has many centuries to his card. Now the coach of Sri Lankan National Team.

A man who took six years to score the second run went on to become the captain. Only because of Persistence.

Message: Never give up!


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