The Actual Cost

One married couple came to visit their friends at the other end of the country. Their friends took them to the races. Fascinated by overlooking the horses raced around the racecourse, the husband and wife were playing sweepstakes all the evening, while only two dollars have left in their pocket.


Next day the husband said that he would go to the races alone. In the first race he put two dollars on the outsider, and the horse came to the finish first. He put all his winnings on the next race and won again. That day, he was very lucky; his winning has reached fifty seven thousand dollars in the evening.

On the way home he saw a gambling house. The inner voice, the one that told him today, what kind of horse he needed to put his money on, said:

— Come in and play.

A man came inside and saw roulette before him. The voice said:

— Number thirteen.

A man put all fifty seven thousand dollars to the number thirteen. When the roulette stopped, the dealer announced:

– Number fourteen.

He returned home with empty pockets. His wife asked, meeting him near the door:

– How did you play?

Her husband shrugged the shoulders:

– I’ve lost two dollars, – he said.


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