Desperate For Success

In 20th century during the time of great depression, there was a young man named John from Alabama who wanted to make a lot of money for his ageing parents. Days passed and all his efforts to be successful went in vain.

One fine afternoon as he was walking on the road he saw a blind man trying to cross the road. He quickly ran to the blind man and held his hand and made him cross the road. The Blind man thanked him and asked John to ask for something in return of his favour.

John replied “Nothing Sir. I am in search of a job and I want to become a very successful man“.

Blind man replied, “I live close to Orange Beach. Meet me at the beach tomorrow at 4 AM.”

Next morning John got up early, dressed properly and went to the beach where the blind man was waiting for him.

The blind man asked John “Are you  desperate for success?” John nodded his head in agreement.

Blind man asked John to hold his hand and walk. He took him into the water. The water reached their waist. Amazed, John said “I don’t want to learn swimming , I want to be successful“.


Blind man laughed and kept on walking till the water reached their neck. John asked “What now?”The blind man held John’s neck and inserted it in water. After two minutes, when John was half numb, he raised his head.

John was sneezing and taking very deep breath.

The Blind man asked when you were in water, what was the thing you wanted the most?

Out of breath John replied “I wanted to breathe”.

Blind man took him out of water. Once John was calm he explained “When you will want to succeed , as bad as you wanted to breathe inside water, you will be successful“.

He further said “when you were inside the water , you didn’t care about the luxuries you have or the things that life provides you. All you wanted was to breathe , same is the case with success”.

From this day, John never looked back and worked day and night to be successful.


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