A Flowing River Is Unstoppable

Rocky was a young man who lived with his mother. His father died in a car accident when he was a kid. Rocky’s mother worked in other people’s house , so that rocky’s education could continue. Rocky grew up daring and capable. With his capabilities, his mother’s hard work and god’s grace he went to university for further studies.


One evening when rocky came back home from his university, he saw his mother crying out of pain in her chest. Rocky immediately called up a hospital and asked for an ambulance. His mother was taken to hospital where she was admitted in ICU. Doctor after examining her concluded that she had experienced a severe heart attack and would require a By-Pass Surgery. He asked rocky to fulfill the formalities on the reception. Rocky checked his bank account and realized he did not have a single penny. So he took a loan on heavy interest and paid hospital’s expenses. His mother was saved.

Rocky soon left his university and started searching for a job that could help him return the loan.
He worked for one month very diligently as a Salesman , but he was not able to reach even 50% of the target. He felt low and devastated. He had to pay the loan back and he was not able to arrange good amount of money.

One sunny afternoon he went to meet his mother who was recovering from the surgery. Seeing him troubled she asked him what was wrong. Rocky explained her everything. To his surprise his mother smiled and spoke –
“Son, have you seen a river? When River wants to meet the sea , river flows towards the sea. Even when it faces big rocks , mountains , waterfalls , it keeps on flowing. When it strikes the mountain , it divides itself in small streams , finds new ways and overcomes mountains. That is how you must be. Even when you face rejections, even when you face disappointments, It’s all right! Don’t give up. Keep on saying to yourself No matter how bad it is and how bad it gets, I am going to make it”

These lines encouraged Rocky and changed his life. He was now unstoppable. In few months he paid off all the loans he had taken and was awarded the Best Salesman’s Award.

So, always repeat these lines when you go through hard times.
“No Matter How Bad it is or how bad it gets, I am going to make it”


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