Boy uses his Make-A-Wish to feed his neighbourhood

No one can pass up a good food truck, and this 12-year-old cancer patient knows just that.


When Lucas Hobbs from Minneapolis, Minnesota, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, the locals rushed make his life easier in any way they could.

“When I was sick, people brought me food from our church and it was really nice of them,” Hobbs told CBS Minnesota.

Their kindness motivated the little man to pay-it-forward, so he asked his parents if he could use his Make-A-Wish to help others.

After watching the movie ‘Chef’ – a film that chronicles a father and son food truck operation – Hobbs found his inspiration.

Hobbs’ very own group of food trucks, dubbed Chef LucasFood, delivered free food to five different groups: the Minneapolis Police Department, a homeless shelter, senior center, church and children’s hospital, Kare-11 reports.

“To be able to get a free, healthy meal from a young man, and make his wish come true,” Officer Craig Crisp Jr. told Kare-11 when the food truck was stopped in front of the police department. “You look at the faces of the police officer, they’re happy, they’re eating, so it does a lot of morale.”

“We get some people saying they appreciate what we do, but nothing like this by adults, let alone a kid,” Officer Barnes told CBS Minnesota.

The beaming boy told Kare-11 that he “didn’t know what to say,” but it makes him feel “really, really happy.”

And luckily for the selfless 12-year-old, things are looking up. He’s finished chemo, feeling better, and is ready to continue his food operation, reports CBS Minnesota.

Culled from Yahoo news!



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