Liebster Award Nomination!

I was nominated for the Liebster Award  by Dermot Barry of Brain Sponge Blog.

The questions  he asked are as follows:

Name one passion or pursuit that you have that’s strange, unusual or out of the ordinary.
Well, tough question( laughing).. I would say to acquire more knowledge, to know how the human mind really works.  Another passion of mine is to impact my world, to leave it a better place by influencing everyone that comes my way positively. I want at the end of my sojourn on the earth, I want to be able to say ” Am going empty”

What’s the scariest thing that you’ve done?
Umm…I seldom take uncalculated risks. OK, perhaps when I left home with just the clothes on my back to strike it on my own. Even at that, I had some money in the bank and I had some temp jobs I was doing.. Yeah, I had to sleep the first night in a cyber cafe.. I browsed all night and the next day, I went house hunting.. And got a place that same day, I paid for it and slept on the hard floor till I got my stuff over the next day..

Why do you blog?
I was going through a phrase in my life. I was going through mild depression and I had to constantly remind myself of what was/is most important.

As I began to post articles that inspired me, I knew that there were folks like me out there going through a similar phrase..I have learnt to be grateful for everything now..To be candid, since  I started blogging a year ago, I have not been depressed.

Is writing fun, a chore or a compulsion for you?
Depends! On what am writing on, if it is something am passionate about, it will be fun. If am giving a deadline to write on a subject, it will a chore for me..When am in hyperactive state or a creative thinking state..writing becomes a compulsion for me.. I need to put down all the ideas running through my mind down as soon as possible. Even if it means getting up from the bed to write it down.

Which do you prefer – sunrise or sunset?
I love both. A Sunrise means ‘fresh hope’ a new day. But the beauty of a sunset is awesome..


What are you most proud of?
That is easy..! That am a citizen of Heaven and that I have a/personal relationship with not perfect but I know am a diamond in spite of all my flaws.

Which would you prefer – beach or forest?
Umm..that is easy..the beach…


In the forest, I will be scared but at the beach..I will relax and enjoy nature.

If you could meet any historical figure, who would you choose and why?
King David of Israel. I chose him because He was a real man. A man that fell and stumbled but that did not stop him from loving God.

If I may borrow one of mine: What is a life quote of yours?
After the rain, comes shine

What do you do to ensure you remember something?
I write it down.

What is your favourite Comedian, Musician or Artist?
They change from time to time..depending on my mood. I love good music,a good laugh from time to time and I love art in all its forms..especially bronze casts made from Benin in Nigeria.

Drum roll, I would have loved to nominate but wow! Every blog I follow is unique and I always learn something from it.I have so many relationships with blogs that I will hate to nominate some and leave some…so let me break the rules and NOMINATE every blog I follow. Please, keep up the good job, you are a blessing to someone..

My questions go thus:

How do you handle betrayals?

What keeps you going every morning you wake up?

What will you like be in a decade’s time?

If you were to change something in your life, what will that be?

What is your greatest heart desire?

If you were to time travel, what time era will you visit or like to stay in?

What made you to start blogging?

If you were to change something in the world arena, what will that be?

What are your hobbies?

What is your most prized possession/s?


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