What is A Dad By Joshua Cintron

Dad, this is a celebration of a special day with you,
I’m taking you to your favorite place,
So you can stuff your face until your blue.


You’ll sit in a wooden booth with other dads,
Reminiscing about times of old,
The plentiful good and the God-awful bad.

Although you’ve hardly shed a tear from either eye,
I think this year with your grandchildren near,
You’ll choke up at how fast time has gone by.

It’s ok if you release what you really feel,
You don’t need to guard yourself,
Or act like you’re made out of steel.

I know the kind of dad you are,
Sacrificing time away from family,
Sometimes sleeping in a car.

You don’t have tell me what you did for me,
Doing all you could,
When mom decided to flee.

I’m proud of you for doing your best.
You never complained,
When all you did was work instead of rest.

I am the man I am today,
Because you gave me so much,
When as a kid all did was play.

You sheltered me from the perils of negative thinking,
Infusing in me the will to dream,
Regardless if the world around me was sinking.

Today, this very day,
I write this “what is a dad poem” to you,
Pouring out what I could never say.

Without you there is no me,
And without me there is no you,
Amazing how God intended that to be.

Dad, enjoy father’s day this year,
As I know you know how,
Love you dad, hope you hear that loud and clear.

By Joshua Cintron


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