Dare To Be Innovative!

You have a task. Traditionally, it’s a little bit a routine. But even the routine tasks can be done effectively. Not mentioning the more difficult ones. You only need to think before doing. Even if you know the necessary steps for accomplishing the task – think. All of the traditional solutions for reaching your goal are not effective with the set of skills and talents that you have!


Think how you can accomplish the task more effectively, by using your skills, talents and knowledge.

Once a year American Indians do graters for gridding food. They do them from wood – piercing pieces of metal into it. And the way they pierce it: producing the most beautiful ornaments! They show it to each other – to see who did a better ornament. Ant later they paint over it, putting the last pieces of metal into the empty spaces.

American Indians have another method for getting rid of routine jobs.
It takes a long time for one person to cover a new roof in your house with palm leaves. But instead of doing it, they cook food, make pies and wine. And later they invite the whole village to cover the roof, just like to a party.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and invent effective solutions before performing the tasks!


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