14-yr old runs into moving train after being raped by man she met on Facebook

This story made me sad and at the same time ,got me thinking about how much privacy should parents give their teenagers? One thing, I know for sure is that sex education and being security conscious can’t ever be over-emphasised in a world where the predators are becoming smarter by the hour! Should teenage phones and social media be censored by their parents? Reading this story makes me say that parents should educate their children about the lurking dangers of the online world. There are also a lot of stories of teenagers killing themselves over cyber-bullying or on issues concerning the internet. It is so pathetic, I must say.

A schoolgirl killed herself by jumping in front of a train after she was allegedly raped by a man she had met on Facebook .


Tragic Anaid Tutghushyan leapt to her death after she met up with a man who she had been talking to on social networks. The 14-year-old, met the man on a dating website where she claimed to be 25. After the pair began talking through Facebook, Anaid then said she was 17 – but this did not seem to deter the 40-year-old man, identified only as Krystian W.


They allegedly met up a short while later but after doing so, Anaid came home in tears and killed herself the next day.

Shocked passengers waiting at the Gdansk Orunia train station noticed the schoolgirl had been sitting down and crying for around 20 minutes, and then suddenly stood up and after taking off her jacket, jumped in front of an express train heading to Vienna in Austria.


Not the actual train.

Distraught mum Joanna said: “I thought she had had an argument with her boyfriend. I saw that she had tears in her eyes. I asked what happened but she had nothing to say, she just started to cry and hugged me.”I wanted to talk to her, but she wanted to go out.”She said she would talk when she got back. But she never returned.”

Determined to find out why her daughter had taken her own life, Joanna went onto the girl’s Facebook where she discovered the correspondence with Krystian. She then found he had been chatting up other young girls.

And then during Anaid’s funeral, she heard from a friend that Anaid had been raped. The friend said that Anaid had phoned her on the day before her suicide saying she had been raped. She then hung up and didn’t answer when the friend tried calling back.

After finding this out, Anaid’s mum contacted other girls Krystian had been in contact with. Among the 14 she spoke to, three said he had raped them , four that he had tried to rape them and the rest that he had tried to blackmail them.
The girls all said he operated in the same way by seducing the girls into meeting him with offers of exclusive clubs, expensive cars and yachts.

The police are now investigating the case..

Culled from UK Mirror


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