One Year On WordPress

It all began like a joke, I actually wanted to give something back to the world in my birth month of June. I actually wondered how I would fix blogging with my crazy schedule. Loads on my platter and more even to come in the upcoming months!


I thank God for giving me the discipline to post articles everyday even when it was not convenient for me. Many times, I had to write/get articles ahead for days that I knew will be hectic. It taught me something, ‘no matter how busy you are,you will always have time for the things that matter to your heart’.


Through blogging, I got to make a lot of wonderful friends from different cultures. I love the way different people see life. It is amazing.
I told myself that if just one person visits this blog and gets uplifted. Then, my job for that day is done.

I have learnt to be more empathic,less critical about people. Reading other blogs has been like visiting another person’s heart. Some times, I can’t help but cry. I don’t have a favourite blog because there is always something for me to take away from every blog I visit. Please, keep up the good work, your blog/story is inspiring someone somewhere.


I sincerely thank God almighty like I earlier said and I want to thank everyone especially for visiting, for the likes, the comments, the encouragement, the reblogs, the following..and Yeah… This blog has over 550 wordpress followers  presently..You folks are the best!

All I can say from the depth of my heart is Thank You and please, let do this again, next year…I love you…



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