Nana Operku Broni 111

The story goes that the original Lokko (referenced in the poem ” The warrior Queen” by Alvin Mingle) was from Denmark, witnessed a celebration from his balcony in the Osu Castle, along the coast of Accra.. The locals were celebrating the victory they have had in a battle.


He noticed they were carrying and praising a ‘person’ with some sort of ‘rasta’ hair. On enquiring, he was told it was not a man but rather a girl called Naa Amerley. As was the custom in those days, the women accompany the men to battle to assist them in reloading the guns with gun powder. On this occasion, a girl called Naa Amerley went beyond the traditional duty of reloading the guns and actually took up arms and engaged herself into the battle. That contributed to the victory.


                              Nana Operku Broni 111

When the original Lokko – Alfred Karl Lokko heard the story, he asked to meet Naa Amerley. He took a liking to her bravery and subsequently married her.  So currently the Lokkos’ are the ‘queen makers’ and  female warrior of Osu Ashante. All the Nana Operku Broni’s are Naa Amerley’s and Nana Operku 111 comes from that lineage. 

Nana Operku Broni 111… the name means “HRH” the “white female warrior”.


In Osu in Accra, the Lokko family which Nana comes from has several homes and homesteads which belong to the Lokko family. The main street, referenced in the poem is named after them. ( You can check the Poem”The Warrior Queen” by Alvin Mingle in our poetry section). Ironically to this day, the women are the dominant leaders and  decision makers in the community and royal family.

Mr Alvin Mingle



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