Baseball Playing Horse

The story is told about a manager of the worst semipro baseball team on the eastern seaboard. The team hadn’t won a game in six years. A horse came into the dugout one day and asked the manager for a spot on the team. The manager said, “What have I got to lose? You’ll be our starting pitcher today.”


The horse took the mound and struck out the first batter on three pitches. He did the same to the second and third batters. More astounding than that, he repeated the performance in the second and third innings.

In the bottom of the third, the horse came to bat. He hit a towering fly ball to center field. The ball hit the top of the fence and bounced back onto the field. The center fielder picked it up, dropped it, picked it up again, and then fired it into the infield. The ball went sailing over the second baseman’s head and got past the catcher. Then the catcher had trouble picking it up. He finally got a grip on it and threw it to the first baseman. The horse was out by ten feet.

He returned to the dugout and sat next to the manager. “You’re probably the greatest pitcher I’ve ever seen,” the manager said. “And you can really wallop the ball. But you can’t run to save your life.”
The horse looked at him and said, “If I could run, do you think I’d be here?”



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