Lillian Weber – 99 Year Old Makes A Dress A Day For African Children

For the last few years, Lillian Weber, a 99 year old woman from Iowa, has had a big goal. She wants to create 1,000 dresses for African children by her 100th birthday on May 6th, 2015. So far, she has made hundreds of dresses and is on track to achieve her goal!


Lillian helps support Little Dresses for Africa, a charity that provides dresses to young African children who are in need of clothing. Due to AIDS and other health problems, many young girls in the country of Malawi and elsewhere in Africa are orphans.


Sometimes these very young girls are responsible for raising the other children in their family.

The mission of Little Dresses for Africa (and Lillian) is to show these girls that the world cares about them. Lillian makes one dress every single day for a child she will probably never meet. While she could make two per day, instead she focuses on making each one extra special. 


Lillian reaches her goal, she intends to keep going and making more dresses.  At 99 years old, she is a great example of the difference we can all make no matter what our age.



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