God And His Creation by Daissy Rani Alphonso

The splendid colors of a rainbow
Is like a smile on a child’s face
The smell of nature surrounding
Brings peace to the soul.


Gazing at the amazing creations of God
No words or feeling can explain
This earth was carved wonderfully
By the skillful maker and creator.

When the clouds get together as one
The earth awaits raindrops to fall
When the sun rises with all its glory
The nature shines in the light of God.

Looking upon the wide blue sky
As the birds flies freely in the air
Every single thing is to be appreciated
The beauty of all being is placed perfectly.

At night when the moon appears brightly
Accompanied by millions of stars glittering from afar
The Master has painted it all completely well
Even in the dark the sky has something to show.

With love and wisdom the earth was formed
If any heart lives with doubt
Look around and know that He is there
For every creation displays God’s existence.

by Daissy Rani Alphonso


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